How to Build Your Funnel No Matter Where You’re Starting

    Three real-life case studies of current students

    About the Course:

    To show you what’s possible and help you see how you can build a product funnel no matter where you are in your blogging journey and no matter what your niche, we’ve pulled together three real-life case studies of current students who began from very different starting points.

    This mini-course is based on and references the mini-course The Product Pricing Formula: Eliminate the Stress and Know Exactly What to Charge.

    What You’ll Learn in This Mini-course

    Sue, Anthony and Joe will show you:

    • How guest posting can build your email subscriber list
    • How to test your product ideas
    • How to create packages and upsell offers
    • How Amazon ebooks can direct customers into your funnel
    • How you can start with an offline business and build your online presence
    • How to find a unique angle in a competitive niche
    • How you can build your funnel backwards