ABOUT you and me

Power Up your b2b content

I’m an experienced content writer and strategist who helps technology, SaaS and supply chain companies to rock their lead-generating online content.

  • Do your potential clients and industry peers see you as an authority?
  • Does your online content drive traffic and deliver measurable results?
  • Do your success stories attract more of the same ideal customers?

If not (or if you’re not sure) we should talk!


In my 15+ year corporate career, I was a trainer, data analyst, and software superuser.

In other words, I was one of your potential customers — so I know what kinds of things they look for when adopting new tools and solutions.

I was also the SME my bosses called on to make complex and technical ideas  understandable and memorable to non-technical audiences. 

I can help you with:

  • Traffic-building blog content
  • Compelling case studies
  • Authoritative white papers
  • Clear, concise, and engaging web copy

I’m not here to collect a check and leave you hanging. Instead, I partner with you long-term to make sure that you get meaningful results and a positive return on your investment.


Imagine content that attracts your perfect clients and customers 24/7.

Imagine building or strengthening your industry authority.

Stop wasting time and effort on tactics that aren’t working.

Set up a time to chat and let’s talk about your content marketing goals.